Thursday, November 26, 2015

And so it daughter speaks Arabic and I don't!

I always knew that, living abroad, my daughter would be exposed to several languages and cultures. This is actually one of the things we are most happy and proud of: giving her the opportunity to become a citizen of the world. However, we started to realize that very soon we will fall behind and will have to work extra hard if we want to catch-up with her!

Up until now we've had to transition between our native Portuguese (language we use at home between the three of us) and English (used to communicate with the nanny and in school). So far, so good. After all, my husband and I are fluent in both languages. 

Recently though, she has started to throw in some Arabic to the mix...

Mommy, just one more and khalas (stop, enough)

Let's run Daddy, yella, yella (let's go, come on)

It hurts, wawa wawa (boo-boo) 

This last one I had never even heard of before! Wawa? I thought she was just being creative and coming up with a new word or something until I found out what it meant while having a conversation with someone from work!

I've been in the UAE for eight years now and never considered going for Arabic classes, but something tells me I'd better consider it or my daughter will soon be cursing at me or making sneaky plans with friends without me even realizing it!!!!!


Arabic for HELP (or so I was told by Google translator)



  1. Hi! I'm assuming you are probably correcting me... :) Can you please explain so I'll understand? Thanks!