Sunday, November 16, 2014

The powerful rumble of a prayer

Beautiful night outside, with absolutely no chance of rain. My two year old daughter is having dinner. Suddenly she stops and places her hands close to her ears to signal she hears something. What’s the matter baby? I ask. Thunder Mommy. She replies.
This same weird conversation happened a few times over the past week until I finally realized what the so-called-thunder actually was: the Muslim call to prayer.
With the windows closed and the AC on most of the time because of the heat, I guess she hadn’t noticed it before. Which is weird because it happens five times a day, every single day. Or perhaps she did notice it, but only now was able to actually put it into words.  
I was surprised at first, but after a while I kind of understood where she was coming from. If you think about it, the call to prayer (or any other unrecognizable sound for that matter) recited in Arabic (a language she does not recognize – yet), from a microphone and broadcast to speakers simultaneously from several mosques nearby may very well seem like thunder to a two year old.   
Right? Or am I just being a Mom that tries to find a pretty explanation for everything her child does?

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