Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shawarma Time – a new, modern, healthy way of enjoying shawarma

The world of shawarma will never be the same - at least not here in the UAE where Brazilian Lilian Joumah has decided to explore other ways of making the traditional lamb, goat, chicken, turkey or beef roasted on a vertical rotating spit, shaved and usually served as a sandwich. 
Married to an Arab who is totally addicted to shawarma, Lilian spent the last 13 years walking in and out of restaurants tasting many variations of this delicacy. With time, she started to observe that shawarma was very well-received among different cultures and age groups.
So, Lilian put her businesswoman hat on, quit her job at a local bank and rolled-up her sleeves to pursue her new dream: Shawarma Time, a place where people can find a shawarma that is modern and healthy, with more meat and less fat. 
“With so many shawarma places in the region, we wanted to offer our clients something truly special. We use only high-quality meat, with very little fat. Our breads, all produced in-house, are made with a mix of white and brown flour, which means they are healthier. The portions are also very generous, almost three times what is offered by most restaurants out there. And to top it all off, people can enjoy their food in a very hip and comfortable setting, while being helped by a young, fun and diversified team.” said Lilian
And there is more! Lilian decided to add a little Brazilian twist to some of the dishes. How would you like your shawarma served inside a delicious ‘pão de queijo’ (cheese bread – a favorite among 10 out of 10 Brazilians) made from a unique dough prepared with potatoes and fresh cheese? And how about a cold Guaraná (Brazilian soft drink made from a fruit originated from the Amazon) to go with that? 
“We have also created a series of snacks inspired by the popular Brazilian ‘coxinha de galinha’ and ‘bolinho de carne’. My Mom, who has over 25 years experience in this market, spent three weeks here training our staff. She helped us create something exceptional, with a very interesting balance of Brazilian and Arabic seasoning.” added Lilian
Shawarma Time is located at Najda Street in Abu Dhabi (close to Mitsubishi). Delivery is still very limited. Since it is done with Segways, it has to stay within a reasonable distance. But there are plans to expand. So, hopefully, Shawarma Time will soon be freshly delivered to those – such as myself – who live further down the road…

Until then, go online for more information, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and go down to Shawarma Time for a sensational shawarma experience!

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what shawarma is:

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