Friday, November 1, 2013

Beauty allowance

After a long period at home managing diapers, sleep, poop and play time, I finally got back to work this week. Boy had I forgotten the amount of preparation, time and money which goes into that...

Sure, as a Mom I did try hard not to look like a train wreck at home every single day. I bathed and I changed into clean clothes and sometimes I did manage to go for a mani and pedi, but if I didn’t get around to it, my boss (me) and clients (husband + baby) would (probably and hopefully) understand (please, pretty please).

Now work is a totally different ball game. We need to look sharp, cool and collected. We can’t show up looking like a natural disaster about to happen. And for women the task of looking presentable is much more complicated and expensive than it is for men. 

Men usually get by with a couple of suits, shoes, khaki pants, shirts and ties they continuously alternate without people ever noticing whether it’s new or old. Women on the other hand, need an entire wardrobe filled with the latest in fashion and with enough options to get by without running the risk of repeating an outfit worn the previous day or week. Plus all the accessories - shoes, bags, jewelry. The list goes on and on and on. 

Men probably go to the salon once every month for a haircut. Women, on the contrary, have weekly visits for mani and pedi. And then there is always the occasional blow dry and the monthly waxing, hair coloring and facial that most men don’t need to think about. 

Men need a razor, some blades, a shaving cream and an aftershave to get by. Women need a little something for the face, the eyes, the lips - concealer, foundation, powder, gloss, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. Not to mention all the different tools and products to apply and remove the makeup.

I’m thinking I should try to take advantage of the fact that I live in a place like the UAE and negotiate some kind of allowance. Expats get housing allowance, education allowance. Why not a beauty allowance? Or maybe I should just do as the local women and make use of the abaya and veil. That should definitely help me save some big bucks! What do you think? Would I look good?


  1. Ta linda Mary!! rsrsrs... se desse eu faria o mesmo aqui!! bjsss.