Thursday, October 3, 2013

Abu Dhabi - Dubai in 25 minutes

Tired of the traffic, boring road or crazy drivers along the highway connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Well, Rotana Jet now gives you another option to consider: fly!

The 50 seater Embraer Jet takes off three times a week (Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays), leaving Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Airport at 9:15am and Dubai International Airport at 4:50pm. The journey lasts approximately 25 minutes and the one way ticket costs AED 100.

The price is really not bad, considering you would pay no less than AED 200 if you had to take a taxi. And flying is probably way safer than driving! But time-wise, I don’t believe it makes a difference. 

If you drive from Abu Dhabi city center to Dubai city center, it might take you around one and a half hours (depending on where you need to go and traffic, of course). If you fly, you need to factor in the ride to and from both airports and also the time in advance you need to be at the airport for check-in (at least 30 minutes before the flight). So, the whole flying experience would probably take you the same one and a half hours - maybe even more.

Regardless, it might be an interesting option to consider if you, let’s say, need extra time to prepare for a last minute meeting. You wouldn’t be able to do that if you were driving or if, like  crazy me, you get sick if you try to read or write whenever the car is in motion. It can also be a fun option to try with your family or friends on a day off!

Picture extracted from Time Out Abu Dhabi

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