Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's hunting open season in the UAE!

Hunting enthusiasts in the GCC region and beyond are probably pretty excited about the soon-to-open Telal Resort, an exclusive boutique hotel located near Al Ain, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Managed by Mourouj Hotels and Resorts, the property will provide guests with all the necessary tools, such as rifles and vehicles, to hunt down animals such as deer, gazelle and even some kinds of birds - all prearranged hunting in agreement with the UAE Environmental Agency, of course.

The whole hunting experience goes even further. Although the hotel will have a restaurant on site, guests are welcome to use one of the barbecue stations set on several oasis spread throughout the resort grounds and have a taste of whatever they manage to hunt that day.

Price tag on the adventure? Well, it starts at AED 10,000 (US$ 2,800) per night. But it will certainly grant you a few luxuries such as a stay in one of the 15 royal villas with private pool, jacuzzi, sauna and much more.

I’m not fond of hunting, but I guess if I ever decided to go on a  wildlife chase, I’d want something a bit more dramatic. Something more along the lines of the 1962 Hatari! movie starred by John Wayne. But, who am I to know? 

Good hunting to all!

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