Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The most expensive abaya in the world now in Dubai

British designer Debbie Wingham has done it again!
After presenting her US$ 5 million gala dress last year, she has now created what seems to be the most expensive ‘abaya’ in the world. Price tag? US$ 17 million.
In the hands of Wingham, the traditional long flowing black gown used by local women in the UAE was adorned with 2000 precious stones, including flawless white and black diamonds and the very rare and extremely exclusive red diamond; all set in platinum and hand-stitched into place with 14-carat white gold thread.
To take an up-close-and-personal-look at the super luxurious abaya, on show at Raffles Hotel Dubai from March 20 through March 25, you have to book a private viewing.
Here is a sneak preview for you...
Note: Picture from The National, courtesy of Debbie Wingham

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