Friday, November 9, 2012

Guaraná Antarctica now in the UAE

Back in March I posted about three Emiratis who joined forces with a Brazilian to produce a local Guaraná after a series of frustrated attempts to attract the interest of Brazilian companies into exporting the product.
Well, it seems they will need to get ready to face some fierce competition: Guaraná Antarctica can now be found on the shelves of several supermarkets throughout the UAE.
In Abu Dhabi, I was happy to see the soft-drink, made from extracts of an Amazonian fruit, at Lulu Hypermarket. And, surely enough, I made sure I stocked up (photo below) before I advertised this here to my fellow Brazilian expats who miss this little taste of Brazil. Don't want to take any chances... 'wink, wink'
Note to self: get a hold of SADIA and find out why it is suddenly so hard to find the delicious Pão de Queijo in the UAE. Would love to have it together with some Guaraná… Perfect match!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Record-breaking Abu Dhabi

Did you know that Abu Dhabi holds a series of world records?

Here are a few of them:

1.    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: is the home to the largest hand-woven rug, the largest marble mosaic, the biggest dome and the biggest chandelier inside any Mosque.

 2. Ferrari World: the largest indoor theme park, with the fastest ride – the Formula Rossa rollercoaster.

3. Tel Moreeb: the tallest sand dune, located on the Empty Quarter.
4. Capital Gate Building: furthest leaning man-made tower, beating Italy’s Tower of Pisa.
5. Abu Dhabi Gate Towers: highest penthouse bridge on earth, suspended at 245 meters above ground.
Curious to find out about other Abu Dhabi world records? Check-out this article on Time Out Abu Dhabi:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Impressive Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport

An article at Aviation Business today shows newly released photos of the Midfield Terminal Building set to open in 2017 at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The images and numbers are impressive:

     -         700,000 square meters in size

-         27,800 square meters of retail and F&B space

-         4,300 cameras

-         156 conventional counters

-         48 self-service kiosks

-         15 lifts

-         3km of travelators

-         8 airline lounges

-         19,000 bags handled every hour

-         30 million passengers per year

More info and pics at: