Sunday, October 28, 2012

Global citizen

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been as active and present here at BurCArioca as I once was. Reason? I had a baby last August – a little citizen of the world, who was conceived in Abu Dhabi, born in Dubai, and is entitled to dual citizenship: Brazilian (my husband and I are Brazilians) and Danish (my father-in-law is Danish).

Why not add an UAE nationality to the list? Well, the fact that she was born here does not mean she gets it.

Actually, until very recently, UAE nationality was passed by blood, strictly from father to son. It was only last December (2011) that Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, passed a decree granting citizenship to children of Emirati mothers married to foreigners.

So, my baby girl will definitely not enjoy government subsidized health care, education and other social benefits as well as scholarships or employment aimed at Emiratis.

She will, however, be able to show everyone her very unusual and cool birth certificate containing two different birth dates: August 23, 2012 (based on the internationally accepted Gregorian calendar) and October 6, 1433 (based on the Hijri calendar followed by Muslims).
I guess this will be the first of many curiosities in the life of my very special global citizen!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perfume on the go

The latest novelty in the UAE? Perfume on the go.
That’s right. Walking around Al Wahda Mall the other day I came across this vending machine (see pics below). Strangely enough, it did not contain the usual water, soft drinks, juices, chocolate or other snacks. It was filled with perfume!
Apparently, this is the way it works: on the sides you have several perfume bottles. You can try them and make your choice. Then, you pay AED 50 (approximately USD 14) and press a button to select the one you want. It’s as simple as that! And you even get a little bag to carry it around!
Now, since I did not actually try any of them, I can't really attest to the quality of the perfumes. But one thing I know - they really did get creative with the names: Tango, Active, Ghost, Buffalo (can't even begin to imagine the scent of this one...)!