Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That Advisor - your one stop review website for Dubai

Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. Surely you will have more trust on what a friend or colleague says about a business rather than a paid advertisement, right?

That is exactly where That Advisor comes in! The recently launched website was created to ensure that word of mouth can be heard.

To better understand how That Advisor works, we had a little chat with Gemma Magill, the mastermind behind this great new tool.

How would you define That Advisor?
It is a one stop review website for Dubai – soon for the whole UAE. It enables people to review anything from spas and restaurants to banks and vets to where their children go to school or nursery… You can even review the apartment block or neighborhood that you live in!

Why create something like That Advisor?
Since I was younger I would often hear people complaining about a bad service or experience and wishing that they could warn other people to save their money before they used that business or service and go somewhere else. In addition, when somewhere is great, you also want to let people know. Time is precious, so why waste it on a bad experience?

Plus, I don’t know about others but I found after living in the UAE for five and a half years, I was going to the same places with the same people week in, week out and, quite frankly, I was getting bored. I wanted to know other people’s favorite places/experiences. So after much deliberation I thought, why not create something that will let us all share our good and bad experiences? And from that: That Advisor was born.

What type of information is available at That Advisor?
Currently, the website has ten main categories: Healthcare, Fitness & Nutrition, Education & Training, Business & Services, Places to live, Beauty & Spas, Food & Dining, Nightlife, Kids and Fun & Leisure, each one with several sub-categories or sections.  

The great thing about That Advisor is that you can search by area and within the Cafes & Restaurant section, for example, you can even search by cuisine. So say you’re looking for a Chinese in Dubai Marina, by selecting these options the results will be filtered with the best ones (based on user reviews) at the top.

All details that are available for businesses are also listed here, so it’s a great tool for finding places in your area. So say you move to a new area and are looking for a hospital or medical centre, you can use That Advisor to search these categories in your specific area. You can then review what other users have said and make your decision on which one you would prefer to go to… Contact details for each are listed making it easy for users to then make an appointment.

What if you can’t find what you need?
That Advisor was created for the people of Dubai - so, even if we don’t have a category listed that users would like to see added, they can just contact us at and if we deem it as something that will add value for our users, then we will add it, no questions asked – we’ve made it simple to use and simple to review.

How do people start using and reviewing?
People can either log in via their Facebook account (they can select an username to remain anonymous) or they can sign up and create an account with their email addresses. We wanted to make it as easy as possible so accounts can be created in seconds and users can start making reviews and adding businesses/places.

Now, if all you want is to see the reviews at That Advisor, all you need to do is go to No need to create an account to check our listings.

What is the main differential of That Advisor when compared to similar websites?
The website is built on trust, credibility and we have a professional image that we want to maintain. We are not here to be funky, focus on one or two categories nor do we want to go into too many markets at once. We want to build the trust of our users, find out what’s great and what’s not and build on that – one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither were we – professionalism takes time. And we want to get this right.

That Advisor is about to hit its one month anniversary. How is it going so far?
We have been overwhelmed with the response and how it has been received by our users. After just a few days of launch, we were invited into Dubai 92 for an interview; we have over 1,300 fans on Facebook and over 500 users contributing with reviews every day.

Do you have plans and goals for the future of That Advisor?
We have many plans for the future. Our first is to open the website to the whole of the UAE. However, we want to get it right. Other international brands online that focus on one or two categories have taken years to get where they are today. Why? They have ensured their business model was right, their functionalities were perfect and by evolving constantly, have kept surprising their users. That’s how we want to be. Professional, trustworthy and, most of all, credible. A one stop shop for our users. And, like all good relationships, trust is not given overnight – it has to be earned.

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