Monday, June 11, 2012

Black point system for traffic offences

I recently found out that a black point system for traffic offences was implemented across the country last March.

But what really amazed me – besides the fact that these things are still very poorly communicated in the UAE – was the logic, or lack of, behind this system.

Most accidents here happen due to reckless and dangerous driving. Many people are killed because they do not use seatbelts. Children are innocent victims because their parents do not take the time, or find it necessary, to buy them a car seat and simply drive with them in the front seats.

So, why is it that you get 24 black points for driving without number plates and only 8 for causing serious injuries? Or get 24 black points for driving under the influence and only 12 for causing the death of others? Or only 4 for allowing children to sit in the front seat of a vehicle?

Is it only me or this doesn’t make any sense at all?

Just saying…

For the complete list of black points go to:

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