Saturday, May 12, 2012

Junk food craze

Last week, as I was channel hopping in search of something decent to watch, I saw bits and pieces of several American talk shows which, funny enough, took the time to comment on the same topic: junk food abominations created by fast food outlets in the Middle East.

I sincerely could not believe the culinary atrocities mentioned and I seriously thought it was all a joke, so I went online to check out the region’s Pizza Hut website.

Boy was I wrong. It is all really up there! The featured items are the Crown Crust pizzas. You can have the pizza-cheeseburger hybrid or the pizza-chicken fillet balls hybrid.

No. I am not kidding. See it for yourself...


No wonder obesity is a major health problem in the UAE and that almost 20% of the local population suffers from diabetes! And the worst part is that these metabolic diseases are now affecting many young people in the country, since most children and teenagers are not engaged in physical activities, spend hours in front of the TV and – guess what – eat lots and lots of junk food.

Any good strategy to confront this 'epidemic'? Perhaps staying away from these calorie-packed pizzas might be a good start… Just saying.


  1. Grossssss. People need to start understanding that their bodies need nutrition to work properly. Our bodies can't function on crap. Sad.

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