Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Customized cars

Since buying luxury vehicles is no longer news around here, the trend now is to modify and customize cars.

Everything goes…

Bold painting
Some cars look like they were prepared to step into a war zone, with camouflage all over. Others seem to be dirty with sand. And there are still the ones who choose strong colors like fluorescent green or bright pink, with details such as personalized decals (below).

Structural changes
It is quite common to see cars that have undergone structural changes. The owner of the Ford SVT F-150 Raptor (below), for example, wanted more space for passengers and cargo. Result: the car ended up with six doors!!!

International parade
Of course it is not enough to parade the personalized and super expensive cars in the streets of the UAE. Many locals send their cars to Europe where they usually spend the hot summer months. The metallic Mercedes and McLaren below were recently spotted outside the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

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  1. Isso é que dá ter muuuuito dinheiro!
    Mari parabéns por mais um ótimo post! Bjsss Marina