Friday, December 9, 2011

Brazilians are cool!

Brazilians are cool. There is no denying that. Sure, Brazil is certainly far away from being perfect – especially for us Brazilians – but the truth of the matter is everyone is attracted to this beautiful South American country and its people. Even CNN has placed us at #1 (see video below)!

I have travelled a lot and I can tell you that every time the words ‘I am Brazilian’ came out of my mouth, they had the power to break the ice, produce big smiles and establish many friendships along the way.
I guess not even all the terrible violence, corruption and so many negative things that are currently happening in Brazil have managed to stain its natural beauties. Starting by its people, who continue to work hard and strive through all the adversities and difficulties…
Nice. Good to know. Ok. But why I am going on and on about this on a blog that should be about the UAE and not about Brazil? Well, because I often run across people or businesses that always seem to find a way to link their names to Brazil.
Sure, I guess this is a wise move, after all we are cool (sorry, I can’t stop saying this!), but then again, it does raise expectations that can’t always be met.
For example, today I went for a walk at the Corniche. Suddenly, a cute little green and yellow kiosk called ‘Cafes Brasileira’ materialized itself in front of me. Immediately, of course, I started salivating. Água de côco (coconut water), açaí, guaraná, biscoito polvilho, pão de queijo... Could it be that, finally, I would be able to enjoy some of the Brazilian delicacies I miss so much?
Apparently not… The only things Brazilian about this kiosk are its colors, its name, and the titles given to some items on the menu.
Nice touch, nice tribute, but what am I supposed to do now with all my cravings? NOT COOL!!!

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