Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wise tips for first time visitors to the UAE

During the four and a half years I’ve been in Abu Dhabi, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming several friends and family members and showing them around the country that has welcomed me with open arms.
Most of the time, I am a great hostess (I hope?!), getting the house ready, planning all kinds of trips and sending my guests lots of information in advance so they can come prepared.
Recently though, I’ve noticed that, somehow, I have allowed my dear and beloved guests to make some classic rookie mistakes around here… Sorry guys! My bad! I should have warned you!
But now there are no more excuses! Although I can’t really redeem myself with the people who have already come by, I did make some notes to alleviate the impact of some experiences on future first time visitors…
Coming to Abu Dhabi? Remember the very important DON’Ts below!

…eat heavy and greasy food (a giant whopper from Burger King, for example) before your Desert Safari experience or else you will be ‘revisiting your lunch’ once the driver starts making the trip up and down those dunes!
…go for henna tattoos on your hands, arms or other exposed parts of your body if you have to attend a formal event or an important meeting. Henna tattoos may take a few days to disappear, even if you try to get rid of them by scrubbing your skin off!
…forget to call fancy hotels like Emirates Palace and Yas before stopping by during peak season – they might only let you in if you have a room or restaurant reservation!
…fail to remember that you are in a Muslim country and that you won’t be able to get a cold beer or glass of wine just about anytime, anywhere. If you do order this out of place, like in a mall for example, you may have to endure a weird look or speech from the waiter!
…get too close, kiss or hug for pictures inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or you might be reprimanded by security and even have your camera confiscated!
…enter the Dubai souk with your favorite designer handbag or you will attract a line of tireless and persistent men harassing you to buy fake copies of bags, watches and many other items!
…overlook the importance of having a bottle of perfume or some kind of nice scent always at hand, especially when you decide to take a trip down the Dubai Creek in one of those nice little Abras (traditional boats made of wood) – great for the eye, bad for the nose!

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  1. Amiga adorei!! Ri muito lembrando o meu mega sanduba revirando na minha barriga durante o passeio no deserto! Todas dicas são ótimas, na minha próxima ida a Abu Dhabi irei segui-las direitinho! Bjs Marina