Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday option: Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara

The UAE Government still hasn’t officially confirmed the dates for the Islamic Holidays of Arafat Day and Eid al-Adha, but many people are already excited with the prospect of a few days off during the first week of November.

Hoping to have fun at the beach? Feel like exploring archaeological sites? In the mood for an exciting safari? Looking forward to massages and facials?

If you are in urgent need of all of the above, I just might have a place for you: Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara.

That’s right! For about AED 1600 (USD 435) you can unravel all the mysteries and enjoy all the wonders of this amazing hotel, located on Sir Bani Yas Island, just off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

You will have plenty of time to rest and enjoy all the conveniences of your luxurious accommodations, but I also suggest you take this opportunity to explore the nature and wildlife that will be all around you. You only need to choose how: walking, hiking, kayaking, sailing...

But the absolute must is the 4x4 drives that will take you into the Arabian Wildlife Park and introduce you to a series of animals, including the Arabian Gazelle and Oryx, Cheeta, Hyena, Ostrich, Giraffe, Sheep, Flamingo and many more.

And once you are ready to sit back and relax, you can try the free-form infinity-edge swimming pool, brush up on your reading at the comfy library or head down to the spa and select one of the many treatments offered.

Need a little extra push? Take a look at the pictures below…

Hotel entrance

 Deluxe room





 Mountain biking




Note: Pictures 1 - 7 from the official Anantara Gallery.


  1. Dear Bur Carioca,
    how dare you dont talk more about the wonderful Sun Set Sailing on a 74' Catamaran to enjoy the best weather and beatiful Sun Set being on the Arabian Sea at this time of the year
    thanks for the very interesting article and photos, really great deal

  2. Hi Erika, next time, promise! But if you send me a couple of pics of the sunset sailing I can upload them ASAP! Cheers!

  3. Like, like, like!!!! Look forward to going there sometime with you, my friend, and having fun times! I'd definitely go for the safari and the pool. Miss you, Mada

  4. I really love your story!