Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TOP 5 likes and dislikes about the UAE

I recently did a quick poll among some expat friends living in the UAE, most of them in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai. Basically, I wanted to find out the things they like most about their lives here and the things they just can’t seem to get used to – no matter how long they’ve been around.

Curious? Check out below the TOP 5 answers I got…

TOP 5 things I like the most:

  • Safety
  • Variety of cultures
  • Sunny days throughout the year
  • Money and tax-free benefits
  • Work opportunities

Other things that came up: ease to make new friends, agreeable weather during winter months, great schools for children, wide variety of food, possibility to hire help for the house and kids.

TOP 5 things I can’t get used to:

  • Heat
  • Lack of freedom to wear all sorts of clothes, express feelings and drink alcohol in public
  • Manic and reckless drivers
  • Distance from home country, friends and family
  • Bureaucratic procedures in order to get anything done

Other things that came up: bad customer service, lack of greenery, difficulty to find good service providers (hairdressers, doctors, etc.), deficiency in work ethics, unpleasant odors, people who do not seem to have manners (people who do not respect queues, who discard waste in primitive ways, who do not say please or thank you, etc.) limited cultural options (still pretty conservative, lack of a vibrant experimental art/film/in many ways, etc.).


  1. great, very interesting and love the illustrations

  2. E a internet, então?? Já viu como é difícil achar alguma informação?

  3. Come on!!
    You are from Rio, Brazil! you should have been used to Bureaucratic procedures to anything! The other day I tried to explain what a "Despachante" is to a foreigner. Nobody can believes it!

  4. Hi Gustavo,
    True, I actually am used to bureaucratic procedures, but the people who participated on this poll clearly aren't... :)
    Good to see you are keeping up with BurCArioca!
    See you around!