Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramadan through the eyes of a Brazilian-Palestinian living in Jordan

Today, Muslims all over the world celebrate the second week of the Holy Month of Ramadan; the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Quran was revealed by Allah to mankind.

As mentioned on a previous post, throughout this month, Muslims fast between break of dawn and sunset to help develop moral discipline and serve as a reminder of the troubles of those who live in constant hunger and deprivation.

But, there is much more to Ramadan... Take a look at what a very dear friend of mine, Dina El Gamal, a Brazilian-Palestinian, currently living in Jordan, has to say…

“Ramadan is all about harmony and kindness. It is also a great spiritual time, where we search for a balance of our mind and body and reflect about life.

Ramadan gives us a chance to get closer to God and to better thank him for all we have. Sure, we normally pray every day, five times a day, but life is so hectic that we sometimes don’t pray as we should.

During Ramadan, with shorter working hours and the additional daily prayer – Taraweeh – there is more time to pray and dedicate quality time to God.

Personally, Ramadan takes me back to when I was a kid growing up. In my family, it was always very important for us to sit around the table and have dinner together as soon as my Dad came home from work. During Ramadan, I see this happening again as family and close friends get together for Iftar, to break the fast. It really is a great moment.

I always feel extremely accomplished once the 30 days of Ramadan are over because I truly feel we take the time to review our difficulties, learn from our mistakes, appreciate what we have, look around and help who we can, give, share, love, thank.

However, I also feel frustrated because this shouldn’t happen only during Ramadan. We Muslims should think and act like that all year long. People should be nice, love and respect each other always.” 

Ramadan Kareem to all!!!

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