Monday, August 29, 2011

Destination Village for Volvo Ocean Race

For a month now I’ve been wondering what the hell is going on at the Abu Dhabi Corniche breakwater, located right opposite my building. Excavation, digging, dredging – you name it… But why on earth go through all this trouble when the beach, only recently renovated, was looking pristine?

Well, today I decided to do some investigation over the web and I guess I finally got my answer…

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) has appointed Tourism Development & Investiment Company (TDIC) to manage the development of a 55,000 square meter (approximately the size of eight football fields) Destination Village which will host the fleet, competitors and fans of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Besides all of structure dedicated to the race itself, the village will also put together a series of activities and entertainment dedicated to the public. From December 30, 2011, to January 12, 2012, visitors will enjoy exhibitions, shows, simulators, hospitality, game zones and much more.

A part of me is a bit annoyed by all this. Unfortunately, events here at the Corniche usually mean loud music, bad traffic and lots of people. Not sure if I am looking forward to that.

On the other hand, this will be THE PLACE to be and they are promising a sensational New Year’s Eve celebration. Guess I can look forward to, at least, a decent firework display right outside my window…

Bring it on!!!!!

Current work…

Future outcome…

Volvo Ocean Race

The world’s premier global race and the ultimate mix of world class sporting, competition, adventure, glamour, drama and endurance, starts in Alicante, Spain, on October 2011 and ends in Galway, Ireland in early July 2012.

Teams will sail over 39,000 nautical miles via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, around Cape Horn to Itajaí, Miami, Lisbon and Lorient.

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  1. Dear Bur,
    thanks for the info, just would like to add that you will be at the ultimate prime location to see the end of the race, the inshore races and the start again to the next destination, it will be the ultimate sport event in Abu Dhabi for a long time... so relax end enjoy.
    only to add some info: next to the village they are builing a new beach for the recently launched Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club that is not on your picture of the plan, they need deeper water thats why the big draggers digging along the corniche since the requirement is 5,5m.
    the boats will start from South Africa be put on a ship to avoid the piracy area then will be starting again in some point in the gulf and finish the race in Abu Dhabi and probably the same will be done the for the next stopover.