Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GoNabit and Groupon: unbeatable online daily deals!

In the mood for something different, but with little spending money in your pocket? Here’s a tip for you to start saving: take some time to explore GoNabit and Groupon – two popular websites which offer amazing online deals.

What you can expect? Unbeatable prices on restaurants, hotels, spas, services, products, entertainment and much more!

The catch? Well, the offer is only valid if a minimum number of people buy the deal.

But don’t worry! The concepts behind this - buying power, marketing, and word of mouth – are all there. And they seem to work!

Go online now to read all the details on how GoNabit and Groupon work and to check out their current deals!


  1. I wonder what these latest acquisitions and take overs mean for the UAE market. I regularly shop at moosavings.com but if it was snatched up by a bigger fish in the market, would less competition leave me better off or worse off?

  2. Hi Jenna, never heard of moosavings before. Nice to know there are more opportunities out there. My opinion is that more competition is almost always better for us customers. But since this is a new way of doing business, I guess we must wait out and see what this trend will be...

  3. Yes you're right, generally more competition is better. Recently Cobone just got snatched up by the Al Jabbar group who now own it completely --another acquisition. I think Groupon will probably buy them out eventually because if you look at their deals you'll realize groupon isn't really putting in an effort and is being rather lazy (probably waiting for something?).

    Moosavings.com offers pretty good deals too, its always nice to have more choices =)

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