Thursday, June 23, 2011

Abu Dhabi: a little bit of everything for all

I am back in the UAE and, to celebrate the over 10,000 pageviews BurCArioca had so far (yay!!!), I thought I'd pay a tribute to Abu Dhabi by sharing this great promo video.

Hope you enjoy it and decide to explore this great Emirate for yourself...

Come visit - it's not thaaaaaat far folks!


  1. Enticing promo video but it lacks reference to Abu Dhabi´s national airline - Etihad Airways.
    I have twice flown Etihad round trip Paris-Abu Dhabi and it was a great experience: excellent service and a most reliable company.

  2. Congratulations on your first 10.000 pageviews BurCarioca ... I have learned a lot about the wonderful arab world through your excellent blog and personal comments.

    Definitively, BurCarioca is a must ...


  3. Mary,
    você sabe que sou super fã do seu Blog, não perco um capitulo! hehehe...
    Muito sucesso e parabénss!! bjs ,Vi.

  4. Quero ir de novo!!!!!Bjs e parabéns pelo blog!!!Marina