Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Now what?

Does his death bring back the many people who were killed or suddenly fix the ones who were injured or hurt in any way by the attack on 9/11 – and so many others?
Will all of his followers now disperse and lead an exemplary life filled with good deeds?
Can we all now sleep tight and rest assured that no other attacks will take place anywhere in the world anymore?
Most importantly, should we all really be this happy, in a state of euphoria, celebrating the death of another human being?
Don’t get me wrong. I am not defending him. No way! I think the fact that Osama Bin Laden is now out of the picture is a very important success in the fight against terrorism. After all, he was the master, the leader, the mind behind Al Qaeda and spread nothing but hatred to all. Surely the world is a better place without him.
But, this entire thing just gets me thinking… I mean, sure, Osama was pure evil, but he is not the only extremist out there and he surely did not act alone. His followers are still out there...

And what about the thousands of good and honest people out there who were injured and killed during this wild chase that lasted ten whole years?
Above all, I can’t help but wonder… Why is it that we can’t all take this energy and focus on finding solutions to problems that are so much closer to us and part of our daily lives?
In so many places in Brazil, for example, people are changing their ways of life, adding locks to their doors, buying bullet proof cars (well, the people who can afford them, that is), afraid they will get robbed or killed. Isn’t this terror?
What about other people, in other countries, who have to fight so many kinds of wars, who have to face hunger, who have to live with so many diseases, who have to endure rape and mutilation and violence? Isn’t this terror?
I am sorry for the outburst. I know this post has nothing to do with my blog’s main theme and my promise to stay out of religious or political issues. But, once again, I had to break my own rules and post this.
Just some food for thought…
Peace out.


  1. thank you BurCarioca, I am with you and do not agree with all this party and glory... was also wondering and quite upset

  2. My sweet dear are missing the point. The incident gives some kind of closure to the victims’ family, so let them have it. They’ve waited 10 years! Yes, many innocent people died in the process so let’s not take in vain. Unfortunately it was one of those “necessary evils” from our part of the world’s point of view. About all the other ugliness, get real, it will always be there – no matter how hard we “take the energy and focus on finding solutions” bs. Come on...are that naïve?