Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stress-free fun

Last week I went to another amazing concert here in the UAE. As Maroon 5 stepped on to the stage and I remembered all the other concerts I’ve been to before, both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Elton John, Shakira, Jon Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams, etc.), it suddenly dawned on me: this is such a stress-free experience if compared to what we have to endure in Brazil every time we want to check-out the live performance of international artists! Here are a few examples:
NO stress to purchase tickets
Here you don’t need to stay up until the first hour of the morning, glued to your computer waiting for tickets to start to sell online or stand in line at box office for endless hours. Everything here is pretty simple and you can often find tickets available online or at box office until the very day of the concert!
NO stress to drive and park
You know all the logistics involved to get to and from concerts in Brazil? Leaving our house hours ahead of the concert because we know there will be traffic all around the concert grounds and that we still need time to find a parking space? No need to worry about this here! No traffic and lots of parking spaces!
NO stress to find a good spot and enjoy the show
I really do not like crowds and I hate going to concerts where I am forced to fight for a mere little space where I can – at least – breathe. Of course you can have that here if you really want to be right in front of the stage, but if you are more like me, I am sure you will enjoy the available space you have to the sides and back of the venue where you can drink, eat and dance the night away!
NO stress to buy food and drinks
Hungry or thirsty? Here you don’t really need to walk long distances for a hot dog or a cold beer or stay too much time in line wasting precious time and missing out on your favorite song. Lots of booths and cashiers will make this process really easy for you!
NO stress to alleviate the diuretic effect of all that beer
All of us know that if you drink a lot of beer – or a lot of any liquid, for the matter – you will most probably want to go to the bathroom over and over again. The good news is that in most concert venues here in the UAE you will find many bathrooms. This means no long lines. Plus, they are usually pretty clean – which is always an added bonus!
NO stress with the heat
I bet you did not see this one coming right? Well, but it’s true. Many concerts take place indoors, where the AC is usually turned on at full power, and many are scheduled between November and April, when temperatures are still reasonable…

And, since the temperatures are not that high yet, Abu Dhabi will be stage to a couple of great concerts: Shakira, tomorrow night, and Snoop Dogg, on Friday, May 6. Both at the Yas Arena, Yas Island.

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