Monday, February 21, 2011

Manarat Al Saadiyat

It's amazing how interesting things are not promoted enough here in the UAE. In most cases, you will only know about an exhibition or event once it has long ended. If you are lucky enough, you will hear about it from someone and make it in time; or you will simply bump into things by mistake.

That's exactly how I came to discover Manarat Al Saadiyat, a 15,400 square meters type-of-cultural-center located in Saadiyat Island. Never heard of it? Then I suggest that, from now on, you keep this hidden secret in mind.

Manarat Al Saadiyat is supposed to be a 'place that provides enlightenment' (this is actually the literal translation for Manarat Al Saadiyat). It houses four major galleries and is often the home to several exhibitions celebrating contemporary and universal arts and also a series of special events.

If you haven't yet stopped by, I have the perfect excuse for you to make the trip: check out the permanent exhibition - The Saadiyat Story - and learn everything about this great island which, when completed, will have seven diverse districts, several museums (like the Louvre and Guggenheim), a multitude of hotels and many other masterpieces.

And you can even end the day at a cosy little restaurant on site, with one of the cutest little backyards I've ever seen... What are you waiting for?


  1. Claro!!!! Tudo planejadinho! Agora basta vc chegar!!! bjs