Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy weather

While several parts of Brazil suffer with the rain, many US states are on alert due to the snow and sub-zero conditions and Australia faces cyclone Yasi, the UAE can’t get rid of winds and sandstorms.

This was actually the first time in four years that I’ve seen such strong winds and that much sand up in the air. But perhaps that’s because this time around I was actually in the middle of the desert.

That’s right. My husband and I had a brilliant idea: take my parents for a night out in the desert to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary in style!

The hotel – Bab Al Shams – is simply amazing and I do believe they did enjoy the experience. But I am not sure they were expecting such a close encounter with the Bedouin way of life…

Well, what can I say? This is one anniversary they will never ever forget!!!!

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  1. Dear BurCarioca
    this weather was forecasted, next time you go to the desert check a few weather websites. ex Windguru

    we had a trip to the desert once and ended up eating a lot of sand and having sand coming out everywhere ... ears, hair, clothes.... since then always checking first