Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Remember a few months back when I posted a picture showing the unbearable heat we folks need to endure in this part of the world? It was 49 degrees Celsius that day!
Well, yes, it can get hot around here. But did you know it can actually get cold too?
That's right. It’s winter time and the temperatures are going down. Over the past few weeks some places in the UAE recorded lows of 4 degrees Celsius. Can you imagine that?!
Yesterday when I got home I was so cold that I actually brought down the suitcases hidden way up in the closet and filled with clothes that I used to parade around in Boston so I can put them to good use around here.
No, I am not crazy. I am not saying I'll walk around in snow boots or with earmuffs. But it is cold dude! What can I do?
What you need to understand is that the UAE is definitely prepared to handle the hot temperatures, with air conditioners installed everywhere and houses built in ways that will help keep temperatures down. But the cold is an entirely different ball game for them. No heaters, no carpets, no fireplace - nothing that will allow you to feel cozy and warm. You are cold both out on the streets and inside your own home.
So, allow me to bring down the jackets, gloves, scarves and other winter gear and apparel I might find – plus a few bottles of wine (of course) to help keep myself warm in the UAE winter.

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