Saturday, December 4, 2010

National Day

Around this time of the year, the streets of the UAE receive special decoration. Christmas? Well, perhaps in other parts of the world, but not here. The country just celebrated their National Day, on December 2 - the day the independent emirates became a union called the United Arab Emirates and wrote their first Constitution.

A series of activities to mark the UAE's 39th National Day take place all over the country. People can attend exhibitions on tradition and heritage, folklore performances by dance groups and singers, parades, and even a historical musical entitled 'Zayed and the Dream'. There is definitely something for everyone.

I really enjoy seeing the country dressed up in red, green, white and black (the colors of the UAE flag) and the huge displays of fireworks organized in hotels and landmarks, but I must confess I was glad to be very far away from the UAE on National Day for the first time around.

Why? Well, let's put it this way. For those of you in Rio, it's kind of like being at Clipper, Leblon, celebrating Brazil's title (1st place of course) in the World Cup. For my friends from Boston, try to picture yourself at Fenway Park watching the Red Sox win a season. Get the picture? Hectic, noisy, crazy!

In any case, a happy belated birthday to the UAE!


  1. Burcarioca

    suggest you add some pictures of the car parade at the corniche only to give an idea of how it goes around here (I can provide you some unforgettable once)

  2. Oi Erika! Estava no Brasil quando postei isso e não tinha fotos comigo. Vou colocar algumas assim que possível. Me manda sim algumas suas que eu posto! Vou ficar esperando! bjs Mari