Saturday, November 13, 2010

A cuppa ‘camel-ccino’ anyone?

I thought I’d share with you an article I read recently on the benefits of camel milk. That’s right. Camel milk.

Apparently, camel milk…
-         is low in fat (approximately 2% less than cow milk)
-         reduces cholesterol
-         boasts immune system
-         is a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance
-         is rich in calcium, promoting healthy grow of embryo during pregnancy
-         has anti-ageing properties
-         is good for healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth and skin
Who knew?!
In fact, a series of camel milk by-products are currently under development. Soon people will be able to ask for a camel-ccino instead of the regular cappuccino.
To read the article:
For more info on camel milk:


  1. Ok but the question is- have YOU tried it? If so, how does it taste??? Is there a camel- ccino in your future?;)

  2. Na Australia eles falavam sempre das vantagens da carne de canguru. Eu experimentei e comi algumas vezes. Mas depois de levar amigos e família nos zoos para ver os bichinhos, confesso que parei de comer...hehehe.

    Mari, você tem que provar o leite!!! Depois conta pra gente.

  3. No worries. Will start looking for it tomorrow, taste it and tell you all about it...

  4. o gosto eh mto ruim, so da pra encarar em chocolates, ou pasteurizado e incrementado...
    ja tomei puro do camelo e nao eh nada bom pro estomago....
    sim nao tem gordura e portanto nao serve para yogurtes nem da pra fazer queijo
    mas nas vantagem acredito que tem um baita marketing

  5. The camel milk is in the fridge. I'll taste it later and post something for all...