Monday, November 15, 2010

Camel milk: the tasting

This post is for all of you out there who dared me to go ahead and taste camel milk!
It was actually not hard to find at all. This Camelicious brand can be found in major supermarkets in Abu Dhabi and it even comes in different flavors: plain, chocolate, date, strawberry.

I went for the plain one to make sure I really did taste the camel milk. Want to know what I thought? Not that bad... It smells and taste a bit stronger than regular milk, but apart from that, no major differences. Same texture, same color... I liked it!
I had actually recorded the entire thing, but for some weird reason I am not able to post the video here. Will keep trying. Meanwhile, some pics for you...

Regarding the side effects, I'll let you know later. Really hoping there are none...


  1. ahahahaha!! boa Mary!! tbém espero que não...hehehe,bjos.Vi.

  2. Muito bem!!!! Tudo faz parte das novas experiências. Bjs

  3. Please, do not drink before a long air flight...
    You will feel how strong it is