Monday, October 11, 2010

Panadol anyone?

Sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time, but the past weeks have been a bit crazy and, to top it all off, I have this persistent cold that does not want to leave me alone!

So, between a cough and a sneeze, I decided to come and write a few words on a very appropriate theme: why I simply hate feeling sick, especially here in the UAE.

To tell you the truth, the health insurance works really well. Most of them give you access to basically every hospital or clinic and you pay only AED 50 (around USD 14) for the Doctor’s appointment. In addition, you even get some of the prescribed medication for free in the local pharmacies.

The problem is I simply do not trust Doctors here. They all seem to ask the same questions and prescribe the same medication – no matter what the symptoms are. Cough? Panadol. Fever? Panadol. Pain? Panadol. Brain tumor? Panadol. What the hell?!

When I fell and twisted my right foot a couple of years back they sent me home initially saying it was nothing and that all I needed to do was rest and take – guess what – Panadol for the pain. It took them a month to find out I had actually tore one of the ligaments and the reason they did investigate it further was because I pressured them to do so. Unbelievable!

And this is only one example of bad experiences I had with Doctors around here… So, I really avoid them as much as I can and set aside a couple of days whenever I go to Brazil to see my Dentist, OBGYN, Ophthalmologist and so on.

Ok, perhaps I should not generalize. There might be good Doctors around here somewhere. I just hope I get to meet them by the time I decide to have a baby. Otherwise something tells me the only help I’ll get during labor is from a dear old friend called Panadol…

Lord have mercy on me!


  1. Dear BurCarioca, if I would not have taken a second opinion my Ovaries would have been removed 2 weeks ago. This after waiting for the doctor for only over 3hs and then she tells me to look up Laparoscopy and the internet and come back to her...
    Panadol is great and you should actually always have some at home. But a second and third opinion is just a must. This also saved me 3 years ago from having some vertebras replaced of my neck replaced by a crazy doctor that told me I would loose the movement of my arm if I dont do it immediately, this before he saw my x ray... it is scary around here!!!

  2. For your Brazilian readers : Tomou Doril a dor sumiu...
    Parece o SUS.

  3. Mari, Panadol não é exclusividade dos Emirados nã Austrália ele também reinava!! Pergunta por Tylenol e ninguém sabe o que é. Eu caí e machuquei o meu pé e tive que rodar a baiana pra conseguir um raio x, já que a médica ACHAVA que eu não tinha quebrado nada. Bom, não quebrei. A receita? Panadol e pé pra cima. Adiantou? Não. O cortei infeccionou e eu queria matar um. Também dizia que não ia ter coragem nunca de ter bebê por lá. O Brasil tem muitos problemas, mas a medicina particular é uma das melhores do mundo. To melhor aqui!

  4. Quer dizer que a senhora anda pensando seriamente em ter um baby!!!??? UHU!!! Espero muito que seja por aqui pra eu poder curtir o meu sobrinho!!!rsrsrsrs

  5. Mariana, se vc tem Daman eu sempre recomendo Khalifa Hospital, pelo a maioria dos medicos la sao europeus ou canadenses e as credenciais sao realmente checadas pelo governo, os hospitais particulares ai me dao um pouco de medo, nunca sei se sao medicos de verdade.
    Janaina Bueno

  6. Obrigada pela dica Janaina. Ja me falaram do Khalifa Hospital e da próxima vez (se bem que espero não precisar tão cedo) vou lá experimentar...