Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling cold, are you?

For the past few days all I hear from the folks in Brazil is how cold it is down there. I have only one thing to say about that: you don’t know how lucky you are.

Take a look at the pic below. I took it today, at 3pm. Want to trade your lovely winter days in Rio for this?????

It’s bloody freaking hot out here! Just in case you are having some doubts about the number in the picture, let me clarify: 49 degrees celsius! And this is not something out of the ordinary, a one-off thing that happened today. I have to endure such wonderful (NOT!) temperatures for months and months and months.

Seriously – I am not kidding. End of March, beginning of April, temperatures are already in the 30s. In May and June they rise up to the 40s. By July and August they are way over 40. Sometimes over 50 (although this is never officially communicated – apparently, some law states workers should be sent home if the temperature reaches that mark). It’s only by the end of October, beginning of November, that they drop to the 30s again.

To make things even worse, humidity is excruciating. It is usually between 50 and 60 percent, but in the summer and autumn it can sometimes reach over 90 per cent. Can you imagine?

When I lived in Boston, in the United States, I used to dread the cold winters and basically organize myself to have to leave the house as little as I possibly could. So, from November to March I sort of hibernated.

When I moved here I thought I would be able to enjoy all 12 months of the year again. But I was wrong. I continue to hibernate. The only difference is that this time I do it from April to October!

So, if you ever decide to come up for a visit, try to plan your trip for sometime between November and March. You will enjoy great temperatures in the mid and high 20s during the day and low 10s at night. Perfect weather!

Go on now. Open a good bottle of red wine and celebrate the low temperatures while you still can.


  1. É por isso que eu nunca reclamo do frio no Rio. É tão raro, que eu aproveito ao máximo. Já o frio de Boston, nossa, eu também não saía mais do dorm. Muito frio.

    Agora, 49 graus, TODOS OS DIAS?? Ah não...eu ia derreter!


  2. Pois é... Não vou dizer que encaro 40 graus todos os dias, mas geralmente no verão a temperatura fica entre 44 e 46 quase sempre. Horrível mesmo!!!!!

  3. Ainda bem que existe ar condicionado! =)

  4. eita! aqui em Sampa tava 8 graus hj de manha. Eu curto uma coisa mais meio-termo, tipo 18 graus pra mim é a temperatura perfeita. Stay cool, amiga! beijoca.

  5. Então você tem que me visitar no inverno. Vai adorar! Sol e praia durante o dia e friozinho e vinho a noite. Glamour total!